This is our public roadmap – everything we’re working on, including ideas submitted by you! No other hosting company is this transparent! We share this information with you for trust, integrity, and so you can know what is coming down the pipeline!

One of the things that sets NodeSpace apart from others is that we let our clients and customers directly make suggestions and ideas for our services. You can post ideas in our community!

We know not all of our clients and customers are developers or deal with developers, so we want to explain how this works in simple terms. Kanban is a method to improve work across human systems. It enables real-time communication and full transparency to work. You’ll notice that our Kanban board is made up of 4 columns – Backlog, Ready, Work in Progress, and Done. Items start in either Backlog or Ready. Backlog are items that we want to do, but we don’t have time to do right now. After all, we’re human and there are only 24-hours in a day. Ready items are items for our team to pick and start working on. Items in Ready will transition to Work in Progress where we are actively working on them. Once done, they transition into the Done column which is an archive of everything completed. Additionally, tasks are color coded. Our tasks have two color codes, the main task color and the category color. The main task color codes we use are: Yellow for normal tasks, Blue for priority tasks, and Red for sensitve tasks. Category color codes are: Backend Infrastructure (that is our backend servers, network equipment, power, etc.) is Cyan; Core Business (policy, pricing, etc.) is Light Green; Products/Services (like when we’re developing new products, upgrading existing services, migrating servers, etc.) are Blue; Security related tasks are Red.

Additionally, where the task is located in the column is the priority. Higher priority items are at the top, lower priority items are near the bottom.

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