We created this pledge because we are tired of unethical hosting providers treating good customers poorly. Your hosting provider should be a trusted partner, an extension of your business, and always there when you need them. Unlike other hosting providers, we believe in treating you right. This is our pledge to you.

This company will...

  • Tell clients nothing but the truth
  • Make customer satisfaction its number 1 goal.
  • Provide customer support to the best of its abilities.
  • Not falsify statistics, testimonials, or post copyrighted material from other websites.
  • Respect clients who wish to terminate their service, and will always be courteous to past and current clients.
  • Actively seek to improve the quality of its service.
  • Try to give back to the community in any way it can.
  • Act with professionalism and always be realistic in its business practices. (Includes not ridiculously overselling its services)
  • Provide its services as advertised.
  • Follow the law, and abide by all applicable national and international laws.


The NodeSpace Hosting Team

Our Technology Partners

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