Proxmox Private Cloud Hosting

Build a Private Cloud with Proxmox Hosting

Build a private cloud with Proxmox virtualization on NodeSpace. We’ve been using Proxmox for years so we’re knowledgeable with the platform and able to help you achieve your goals.

Affordable & Reliable Hardware

Our servers are reliable for running Proxmox. Most hosting providers use custom-hardware configurations which means Proxmox may not reliably run. Our standard configs mean there’s very little issue.

Private Network-Capable

Clustering multiple Proxmox servers is a lot easier with a private network. Our private network offers 1 Gbps connectivity and no bandwidth charges.

Active Monitoring & Management

We have active monitoring and management options available so you don’t have to worry about your Proxmox infrastructure. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about any issues.
CPU RAM Storage Data Center Details Price
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 64 GB 240 GB SSD
2x512GB SSD
North Carolina $225/month $131.50
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 64 GB 240 GB SSD
2x512GB SSD
North Carolina $245/month $151.50
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 128 GB 240 GB SSD
2x512GB SSD
North Carolina $255/month $161.50
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 128 GB 240 GB SSD
2x512GB SSD
North Carolina $275/month $181.50
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 128 GB 240 GB SSD
4x512GB SSD
North Carolina $295/month $201.50

Love self-hosting but want reliability?

Part of the reason why we got into this business is because we loved using Proxmox at home. The only problem with self-hosting at home is that your home Internet is unreliable. You may not have room or care for the heat and noise generated by servers. Instead, self-host with NodeSpace. We have a strict privacy policy so we never share your data with anyone (unless we’re legally required). Since your Proxmox node is hosted in an actual data center, with actual data center technicians, and an actual data center network, you’ll get reliability and performance you just can’t get at home. You also don’t have to worry about noise, heat, or high electric bills – meaning self-hosting has a high spouse acceptance factor.

Proxmox Console

Affordable alternative to traditional cloud

Cloud providers like AWS and DigitalOcean are great because they allow you to spin up resources automagically. But the downside is these resources can quickly become expensive if you forget to turn them off or delete them. By building a private cloud with Proxmox, you can still enjoy the same benefits of public clouds, but at a much lower monthly cost! If you love automation as much as we do, you’ll also be happy to hear that Proxmox has Ansible and Terraform modules – meaning you can automate everything! If you need additional data center locations, contact sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our dedicated servers are capable of running Proxmox. We do not use any custom hardware and instead use standard enterprise-grade Supermicro and HPE hardware. This ensures that Proxmox has the greatest compatibility with all systems. While we don’t test all configurations, we have found that Proxmox works and installs on all of our hardware we have available.

Your server comes with full basic server management which you can find details of on our server management details page. We will gladly assist with adding and mounting drives, managing user accounts, updating Proxmox, and other general basic system admin tasks. Day-to-day management and security is still your responsibility. We also offer a premium server management tier which will enroll your Proxmox server into our Monthly Proactive Maintenance where we’ll perform scheduled server maintenance every month during your requested time. We will also actively monitor your server for issues and up to 5 IP addresses. You will still need to manage your virtual machines and the security of your VMs, but the general administration of Proxmox will be hands-off.

In any level of support, NodeSpace will not manage any virtual machine or Linux container on your Proxmox node. All virtual machines and Linux containers are your responsibility.

If you’re comfortable managing Proxmox, decline our standard management and you can save $25/monthly off of any server.

No, we do not provide a subscription. If you wish to receive official Proxmox support, your server will need a Proxmox subscription. Please see the Proxmox VE website for subscription details and pricing.

You are free to use Proxmox for commercial use, even without a subscription. Proxmox is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3 license. This license permit commercial use as well as modify the software for your needs. If you wish to have official Proxmox support as well as access to the Enterprise repo with well-tested updates, you will need to purchase a subscription.

NodeSpace has tested most major Linux distros – AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Debian – as well as FreeBSD. All were ran successfully. Depending on virtual hardware configuration, generally any Linux or BSD distribution or variant should run without issues.

We have also tested Windows desktops running Windows 10 Professional and Windows 11 Professional, on systems as old as Intel Xeon 5520 CPUs. We have tested Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019, and 2022 without any issues. Please keep in mind that you must have a Windows license in order to run Windows or you can obtain a 190-day trial license for Windows Server, 60-day trial license for Windows Enterprise, directly from Microsoft.

For virtual firewalls, we have tested OPNSense, pfSense, and Sophos XG Firewall Appliance. For virtual routers, we have tested Vyos. All of these systems ran without issues.

We do not offer backups for Proxmox, however we can build a custom Proxmox Backup Server node. We actually have several standard configurations that we can provision for you. Please contact sales if you are interested in a quote.

Yes, Proxmox is a great platform for offering Virtual Private Servers! We also utilize it as part of our VPS hosting.

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