Server Management

We offer three levels of server management with every dedicated server. We’ve found these to offer the most flexibility as it is what our customers have typically asked for. If you would like to submit feedback about our server management levels, please contact us. We are always willing to listen and expand our server management offerings to cover the best cases.

Unmanaged/Self-Managed (Opt-In)

Unmanaged/Self-Managed means that all system administration tasks (anything that must be done through your operating system) are your responsibility. This means that once we provision your server, you are fully responsible for the administration and management of it. We will handle all hardware tasks (e.g. installing components, replacing components, etc.) but any software side of those tasks (mounting drives, formatting drives, expanding partitions, etc.) must be handled by you. If you prefer us to handle these tasks, then you will be charged per ticket.

This option is a good choice if you are knowledgeable with the operating system that you choose, have or are planning to hire a system administrator, or you are a system administrator.

Since we do not monitor or handle any maintenance on the system, we are able to offer an immediate discount of $25 per month when this option is selected.

Standard Server Management (Default)

Standard Server Management includes all standard system administration tasks. At your request, we will install or upgrade system software, manage user accounts, install and manage security software, provide assistance during OS reloads to reconfigure your operating system or your new operating system, etc. We are also responsible for the hardware, however we will also handle the system administration tasks. For example if you add a new disk drive, we will mount and partition the drive to how you would like. We will also move data between drives. All requests must be submitted via tickets, however there is no fee for this service.

This option is a good choice if you are not comfortable or familiar with system administration, do not have or are not planning to hire a system administrator, or you would rather have us handle your system administration tasks for you.

The cost of this service is included in the base price of each server.

Premium Server Management (Opt-In)

Our Premium Server Management includes everything in our Standard Server Management, but includes proactive support (e.g. we monitor your server’s hardware, operating system, and security system software and if any issues occur, our NOC support team is immediately made aware of the problem and we will fix it right away without your involvement). Additionally, we will enroll your server into our Monthly Proactive Maintenance program which will handle operating system upgrades, software upgrades, comprehensive hardware check, security check, and any other tasks you would like us to handle. You can select your maintenance window so we don’t interrupt you. We also include 5 website monitors, 5 IP address blacklist monitors, and 1 advanced monitor. Additional monitors can be purchased if required. These monitors will report to our NOC any issues with your website, IPs, or system, and our team will attempt to resolve the issue. You also get unlimited phone technical support included.

This option is a good choice if you want to be completely hands-off from all administration of your server.

The cost of this option is $75.00 per month, added to the cost of your server.

Additional considerations

The following information applies to all server management plans.

We do not provide coding assistance or fix coding issues, including databases.
All code, either written by you or someone else, and any databases, is your responsibility. NodeSpace cannot and will not help you debug code.

The integrity of your data is your responsibility.
NodeSpace does not backup servers or their data. You are responsible for backing up and protecting your data. In the event of a hardware drive failure, you are responsible for restoring your data from backups. If you need a backup solution, we have several options available. Pricing varies based on solution & storage used. Please contact sales for assistance.

Security is a shared responsibility, but we need your help.
We operate with a shared security model. That means while we will do our best to protect our network and your server from threats, but you also must take actions to secure your server, including using strong passwords, firewalls, etc. If you have standard or premium server management, we will set this up for you as well as provide you details on how to access your server.

Please let us know if you require your server to be PCI compliant. We can also help you apply CIS Controls. Our services are not HIPAA compliant. If you require HIPAA compliant hosting after you have already purchased, please contact sales and we will introduce you to one of our trusted HIPAA compliant partners.

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