Dedicated Hosting

Picking a dedicated server shouldn’t be complicated – some are managed, but another model isn’t? Yeah it confused us, too. Our server hosting works how you’d think it would work – find a server that fits your needs and then select your addons (Operating System, IP addresses, and management option).

Server RAM Storage RAID Price
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2670v3 64 GB 240 GB SSD and 2x2TB SATA SW $185/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2680v1 32 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $90/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2660v2 32 GB 2×3 TB SATA SW $96/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE52630v2 32 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $85/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2650v2 32 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $105/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE5-2630v2 32 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $90/month Get started
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 16 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $60/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xE5620 48 GB 2×2 TB SATA SW $72/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xL5520 36 GB 2TB SATA or 240 GB SSD SW $60/month Get started
Intel Xeon 2xL5420 24 GB 2×1 TB SATA SW $60/month Get started
Intel Xeon E-2224* 8 GB 1 TB SW $160/month Get started
* Denotes a Build to Order server.

Build to Order

Build to Order servers take extra time to provision as they are shipped directly from our hardware vendor and help us keep our prices low. Learn more about Build to Order servers. Contact sales to see if this configuration is already in our data center.

We build custom servers!

We get it, sometimes our stock doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Perhaps you need a VPS host or a large game server. We’ll gladly put together a server that meets your specifications and budget needs. Contact us today!

Bargain Servers

Our Bargain Servers are limited quantities but a great way to save some money on perfectly good servers. They feature all the same great options as our standard servers and can be customized to your needs!

Management Addon

By default we keep our server prices lower because we require you to perform all management. If you decide you would rather have fully managed hosting, it’s available as an addon.

Windows Available

Our servers are designed for Linux, however we can install Windows for you. Windows servers are provided as BYOL.

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Uptime for August 2021 is 100%.

Included with every server

Gigabit Network Port

Every server is plugged into a gigabit network port for optimal bandwidth.

Full Administrative Access

All dedicated servers give you full administrative/root access. This allows you to install the software that you require and perform all administrative tasks.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers give you the greatest degree of customization of your server including RAM, disk drives, backups, firewalls, load balancing, & more.


Firewalls, state of the art virus and intrusion protection, specific or whole scale monitoring, DMZ’s and SSL’s all ensure your dedicated server is protected with the highest levels of security.


All our dedicated servers come with a choice of state of the art control panels to put you in charge of your account, email, databases, and websites.


With the ability to monitor and modify your RAM and drive resources as well as varying levels of port speed and LANs, your server provides you with the ability to match your resources with your needs.