Custom Servers

Build a dedicated server for your unique needs so you get the most for your money. Whether you need a server that can host virtual machines, a private cloud, or a game server, we have the resources and ability to get you exactly what you need. We can also offer longer terms as well as colocation and rent to own options.

Custom Dedicated Server FAQs

Yes, we offer rent to own options on custom servers. Rent to own means that you will rent the server from us plus pay an additional amount to buy the server from us at the end of the term. Rent to own servers are priced a little higher because you are paying for the server hardware ownership + the hosting fee. At the end of the rent to own term, the hardware becomes your property. At that point, you can either choose to have the equipment removed from our data center and shipped to you or you can continue to have your hardware in our data center but have your package changed to colocation. When you change to colocation, your hosting amount will reduce to the cost of the rack space rental, power, bandwidth, and IP(s).
No. Custom dedicated servers are exactly like our standard build servers only they are custom. However, with custom dedicated servers we do offer options such as rent-to-own (where you will own the server at the end of the term and you can either have the server unracked and shipped to you or you can continue to colo with us with a colocation package) or long terms (from quarterly up to 3 years) which will qualify you for discounts.
Custom dedicated servers are great for optimized workloads. You can pick the processor, RAM, and storage options that work best for what you need so you're getting the most value for your money.

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