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See how NodeSpace compares to your current hosting company

We have compiled data from the 4 largest hosting providers our shared hosting competes against. See how NodeSpace lines up so you can make an informed decision and choice. Your web host should be your business partner! If they won’t treat you right, it’s time to choose another host!







Disk Space & Type
Disk Space & Type 10 GB
10 GB**
100 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shared CPUs
Shared CPUs 1 25% 2 1
Memory (RAM)
Memory (RAM) 1 GB 2 GB 512 MB
Number of Files
Number of Files No Limit 100,000 (200,000) 50,000 (200,000) 600,000 250,000
Disk I/O (MB/s)
Disk I/O (MB/s) 5 10
1-Click Installs (400+ Scripts)
1-Click Installs (400+ Scripts)
Month to Month (No Commitment)
Month to Month (No Commitment)
Free 30-Day Backups & Restore
Free 30-Day Backups & Restore
cPanel Certified Service First Support
cPanel Certified Service First Support Partial Partial Parial
Free Migrations from Anywhere
Free Migrations From Anywhere
Money Back Guarantee (Days)
Money Back Guarantee (Days) 45 45 30 30

Data Disclosures, Notes, and Sources

All data was collected on July 6, 2022 and is believed to be true and accurate. We collected this information directly from each of the hosts. You can see how each of these hosts presented their pricing from the screenshots taken on this day: NodeSpace, HostGator, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, and GoDaddy.

*Price: We looked up the price for month-to-month service. In most cases, these providers only allow you to sign up initially at least annually, but we're not 100% sure. Bluehost doesn't seem to know what they charge - we found $9.99 listed on their main product page but $10.99 listed in their help files. GoDaddy doesn't appear to allow monthly signups. For A2 Hosting, we used their lowest tier "Turbo" plan as that plan offers NVMe storage, like our hosting.

**Just like their pricing, Bluehost is confused as to how much disk space you get. Either you get 10 GB or 40 GB. We're not sure. The help documents contradict the sales pages.

***As of June 2022, HostGator was migrating to new servers that apparently have SATA SSD drives. We think until the migrations are done, they are using SATA HDDs, but this data is unavailable. They mentioned in their migration details that their new servers are all powered by SSDs.

If a value is blank, it either means that feature is not available or the actual value is unknown. HostGator doesn't publish any RAM or I/O limits and appears to only migrate cPanel sites. Bluehost doesn't publish CPU, RAM, or I/O limits and does not offer any type of free backup. They won't migrate your site from anywhere. They also lack a money back guarantee. A2 Hosting doesn't publish their disk I/O limits. GoDaddy doesn't seem to offer a 1-click installer with as many options and they also seem to require long term commitments. They offer free backups, but not 30 days worth. They do not seem to have any cPanel Certified support. They don't appear to offer free migrations.

HostGator, Bluehost, and A2 Hosting have cPanel Certified techs, however the number of certified techs does not equal the (estimated) number of employees they have (the ratio of course enrolled employees vs certificates issued is too low according to cPanel University's leaderboard). All NodeSpace technical employees are required to get and maintain cPanel Certification.

Get better hosting today!

It’s time to stop putting up with bad hosting and switch to better hosting. NodeSpace offers everything they can’t so why are you still hosting there? Still not convinced? We’ll give you a recurring 25% off your hosting plan with us when you use the promo code SWITCH2NODE at checkout.

We took the available data about the listed competitors and their hosting plan that closest aligns to our cheapest hosting plan. We think that for a fair comparison, you deserve an apples-to-apples comparison without any marketing talk. We hope the results speak for themselves – some hosts try to hide limits. The limits we couldn’t find are probably buried deep in their Terms of Service. Do you really want to host your website with a provider that is going to hide information from you? In fact, they may not even have those limits. They could be vague on purpose such as if your site goes offline, they can just blame CPU or RAM limits instead of the actual cause and then they can also use it as an upsell opportunity (“Buy our VPS hosting! This doesn’t happen there!”). Pretty dishonest, huh?

We consider these hosts to be competitors when it comes to shared hosting. Further, these hosts are well known and have name recognition. If you’re looking at web hosts, chances are one or more of these are on your list. There are a lot of hosting companies out there, and we’re not all created equal. But if there’s another host you’d like to compare us to, use the data points we provided and you should be able to find the information to make a comparison.

We wanted to make this comparison as fair as possible. A lot of hosting providers add fluff to their own plan tables. If you don’t believe us, here is a screenshot of A2 Hosting’s comparison page. We counted 162 comparisons they’re making with their own plans and a lot of it is fluff – like listing that they offer 24/7 support 3 times. We’re almost thinking they make these tables so hard to read that you just give in and say it looks impressive.

Even more concerning, most of these hosts don’t list a full comparison of their plans on the same page as their plans! You have to actually look for it! So we picked common data points for comparison.

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