We’re phasing out cPanel

We’re phasing out cPanel

To our clients:

The other day, cPanel, the company behind the control panel we use for our shared hosting services, has announced that in 2021, they will be increasing pricing. Again. I previously made the announcement back in June of last year that cPanel was changing the structure of how their licenses worked and how we were faced with increasing prices. Back then, I listed one of the options:

Another option we have is to find a replacement control panel. This would mean migrating accounts to a new server with a different control panel installed. This means that the features you’ve known to love and enjoy would change, or would not be available.

I am announcing that as of today, NodeSpace will be executing this option. We are embarking on a journey to find a replacement control panel for our services and migrate customers to these new servers. We are terminating our relationship with cPanel because our customers deserve better. 

Last summer when the new price increase was announced, we also considered breaking a promise to our customers by removing the “price lock” feature. However, we did not. We as a company decided the best course of action for our customers was to absorb the cost and keep business as usual. However, the increased cost seems like it will more than likely be an annual thing and we cannot keep shaving more and more off so the ultimate decision is that we are finding another control panel provider. We’re also going to use this time to adjust our products and services, add some new products and services, and re-adjust our pricing.

As of today, nothing is changing. I will continue to keep you updated with information as the situation develops.

All the best & stay safe,

Travis Newton


Xinsto, LLC dba NodeSpace Hosting

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